Would you wear your Pjs in public passed the age of 6?

blog2I know, it sounds trite but when for the very first time in my life I found myself having breakfast in full view of a young man still in his pyjama’s, I actually wondered where is this new fad going to end.  Are we going to go out in public in our underwear’s within the next 10 years?

It is a question worth asking because it raises another one of course by far more interesting:  where does the line between the private and the public sphere become right to be crossed?  Do I want to spend my breakfast, lunch, dinner, shopping, banking, etc…confronted with dishevelled people straight out of bed and wearing the latest flannelette pants with ducks or skulls head? Noooo! and I will never be vocal enough in the matter.

There is a line that other than in a pyjama party I don’t feel ready to cross. It is a matter of good manners, privacy and fashion sense. it is not so much that it hurts my sense of aesthetics, it is more that it is too much information about complete strangers that I really don’t care enough about to file in my memory bank.  We are bombarded enough as it is with sensory input coming from the outside, I’d like my sense of privacy been respected even if it someone else’s.

In short I find it disrespectful to others that one does not feel necessary to dress to go out,and I am not talking about dressing up here, simply wearing clothes on that is warranted by a personal sense of privacy.  I don’t want you to see me coming straight out of bed, why should I want to see you? Passed 6 or 7 yo it is not cute anymore.  Soon the likes of Peter Alexander are going to produce Pjs to go out in the street too…Please save the laziness for work and get dressed in the morning before coming out, it might even help the puffy eyes…with a splash of water.