Addictions & Behaviour


Some habitual behaviours can be harmful to the body and to the mind.  From a physiological aspect addictions and/or established behaviours have the same effects on the chemistry of the brain than drugs and alcohol  

Addictions of any kind, be it drugs/alcohol, sex, cigarettes, food (even chocolate) etc…all have a compensatory effect.  Therefore it is important  through talking therapy to learn what the addictive behaviour is compensating for  

The second phase of the treatment use diverse therapeutic strategies such as Hypnotherapy to alter the harmful behaviour/addiction whilst continuing the psychological healing a well as addressing the withdrawal symptoms

Behaviour good or bad trigger the release of hormones into the body such as cortisol (stress), endorphins (pleasure) or oxytocin(love) and dopamine (lust) among others.

Stopping and changing harmful behaviour/addictions is very much about breaking habits 

Dealing with death and grief in addiction recovery

Research suggest  that “Runner’s high” affects the brain similarly to drug addiction

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