I have a strong interest in attachment disorders.  The main reason for this area of interest is that I believe very strongly that most relationship problems, and these do not stop at romantic relationships but encompasses all kind of relating from work to parenting and all forms of social interactions, stem directly from early experience.  Therefore it does make sense to me to investigate our individual styles of attachment pattern to heal wounds and alleviate the fears that cut us off from healthy and happy relationships.


Dream therapy has been and still is for me a very important aspect of meeting the unconscious or subconscious part of ourselves.  I use the dreams as a metaphorical expression of the human psyche and their interpretation as the most natural way to assess where you are at in time and space.

Post traumatic stress disorder is also an area of deep interest as I believe that traumatic events if they cannot be re-written, have the potential to be re-assessed and taken control of in their emotional affects on daily life via specific strategies.  War trauma, sexual and physical abuse or accidents among various possible trauma can in this way be mitigated in their affect.