What & how


  For many people reaching out for help and seeking counselling in particular is associated with shame.  It should not be.  Reaching out for help in times of stress is the most appropriate step that can be taken to reach a positive outcome.

The counselling process is a therapeutic intervention that aims to help resolve sudden crisis or long term issues that need to be dealt with in order to move forward.

 Stress in small amount is a permanent and normal feature of life. However, stress can become acute due to a traumatic experience, such as an accident, war, illness or a sudden loss. Chronic stress is stress that has been eroding your internal resources to recover from a long standing traumatic situation or even a single trauma that has lead to Post Traumatic Stress Disorder such as sexual abuse, domestic violence and/or emotional abuse.

The physical manifestations of stress can in themselves be traumatic and sometimes akin to the symptoms of a heart attack: fast heartbeat, sweating, nausea, fainting, numbness…The emotional and cognitive symptoms of excessive stress can be felt as an ongoing feeling of not coping, dis-orientation, impaired judgement of a situation, inability to make decisions, moodiness, excessive crying spells and even suicide ideation.

 Seeking the help of a professional counsellor is the next best step to restore balance in one’s life and recover a healthy sense of perspective.

   Confidentiality is a given in the therapeutic process as well as following the Australian Counselling Association (ACA) Code of Ethics to promote change in a safe environment.

Hypnotherapy, what is it? 


“A waking state in which the person’s attention is focused away from her surroundings and absorbed by inner experiences such as feelings, cognitions and imagery”.

Indeed, it is akin to a deep state of meditation and relaxation when the unconscious part of the mind is open to suggestions that will be helpful in bringing on desired changes and outcomes.

The whole experience is usually rather pleasant and the person “wakes up” from the experience refreshed and re-energized.

What can it be used for?

Hypnotherapy can be used for a lot of purposes such as the treatment of anxiety,  pain management, giving birth, stress, anger management, stop smoking, public speaking, migraine, regaining confidence and self-esteem, weight loss and a lot more besides these…  It can be used on its own or in conjunction with counselling and psychotherapy to great benefits. Hypnotherapy has been used since Antiquity when it was first recorded for the treatment of diverse ailments. Today it used successfully in a wide range of issues from altering behaviours such as smoking or nail biting to psychological issues such as anxiety.

More recently it has been proven very effective in minor medical and dental surgery.