What they say

I have always been resistant to therapy, I had been seeing councellors for over 15 years with no success.  However, after the first session with Brigitte I was able to get in touch with deep seated childhood issues I had buried away for a long time.  I had been carrying a lot of sadness and guilt; and for the first time in a long time I really understood why I felt the way I did and let out a lot of pent up emotions.  Being a self-confessed party-girl for more than a decade and relying on alcohol & drugs to escape my problems, I had developped coping mechanisms that were unhealthy & destructive.  In fact I was sbotaging myself and every relationship I would attract in fear of getting hurt by anyone – probably because I did not think I was good enough.  I have come such a long way in a short time thanks to Brigitte and her expertise.  She helped me stop beating myself up and open my eyes to what I was doing.  As a result I have now found  an inner pieace with renewed self-worth, enjoy my own company, limit my drinking and attract positive relationship into my life with success at work, family and relationships.  Thank you Brigitte, you are amazing!!

L.W Sydney/Brisbane

Starting counselling is the best thing that I have ever done!!! I know so much more about myself and it certainly brought some light on some odd behaviours that I had. I may not have solved everything but thanks to you I am working on it.

Warmest regards from Ben.

A work in progress…thank you for your patience and understanding!Celia.

“It’s been such a rewarding and fulfilling experience! I’d recommend it to anyone who wants to learn about themselves and fix some problems at the same time.A thousand thanks…

S… from NSW

I recently read about Jessica Alba’s hypnobirthing and wanted to relate my deepest thanks to Brigitte for her help, support and expertise during the last trimester of my pregnancy. With her unique hypnotherapy techniques, Brigitte ensured my pregnancy and labour was as calm and controlled as was possible. I had such a positive and relaxing experience each week and I truly believe it was as beneficial for my baby as it was for me as he is a very calm and settled baby boy. Brigitte is so professional and experienced and I will definitely be using her hypnotherapy services the next time I’m pregnant!

A…from NSW

I went to see Bridgette last year to help with my panic attacks before public speaking. I had my wedding fast approaching, and the thought of the grooms speech was filling me with dread, and causing a sense of panic. The same affect was consuming me during the most basic work presentations. All this despite being a very confident speaker in day to day life. Through a mixture of discussion and hypnotherapy, Bridget was able to help me realise the cause of my issues, and build my strength in dealing with the situations that had crippled me. Not only was i learning to cope with my anxiety during public speaking, but developing a broader sense of confidence and faith in myself. I went on to really enjoy my speech at my wedding, saying all that I wanted to say to my loved ones. I have also just achieved another one of my goals delivering lectures, which truly shows how far i’ve come. Bridget’s commitment, understanding and warmth introduced me to some crucial aspects of myself, and equipped me to cope in stressful situations, which will certainly remain hugely valuable for the rest of my life.       Robert G, UK, 2012.